Public Domain
The software, source code (if I have it), concepts, game mechanics, etc. excepting only the names "CGD"/"Computer Generated Dreams" and associated logos, are released from all claims of copyright and control, as well as any and all warranty and liability.
No charge for using the software, but no registration benefits either.
The software is given out on a trial basis. If the user enjoys and continues using the software, they are requested to send some amount of money to the software's creator in order to continue using it in good conscience. People who meet the requirements are 'registered' users. Registered users often receive some benefit, such as a full version with extra features. The only registration benefit I plan to offer at this time is discounts on registering future software.
It's not quite Freeware, it's not quite Shareware. It doesn't cost you any money, but you are requested to contribute to the Silly Script archive. Either at least 10 lines to add to or improve any existing Silly Script, or a Silly Script of your own will do it. This will be considered registration, but there are no extra benefits at this time.
Another of my inventions. It's kind of like freeware with registration benefits. In order to qualify, just answer a simple question which you will find out the answer to in the course of playing the game, if you enjoyed it enough to get to the point in the game where the question is from. This will earn you 'registered CGD customer' status, currently good for $5 off the registration fee of any program with a monetary registration fee of at least $5.
Street Musician ~= Online Programmer. The program is free to all, but if you like it, a little money will encourage me to make more cool things. Shareware without the guilt trip.